Our Team

Travel medical insurance. World wide coverage. A community of nomads.

Sondre Rasch
Product & CEO

Economist and former policy adviser for the parliament of Norway. Sondre founded the freelance platform Konsus.com.

Hans Kjellby
Legal & COO

Hans is a lawyer. Former head of legal and compliance in Auka, ranked fastest growing fintech-company in Europe.

Sarah Sandnes
Back-end & CTO

Lead engineer of ad-network Tapdaq until Series A. Sarah has a background in mathematics and computer science.

Sean MacIsaac
Front-end & Design

UX design for multiple companies including. Sendhub, InventoryLab, Centurylink, Sony.

Jarle Sandnes
Back-end Engineer

Former back-end developer of ad-network and data engineer at Tapdaq. Background in computer science.

Susanna Nevalainen
Front-end Engineer

Frontend developer and designer. Earlier visualized large hadron collider data at CERN and optimized 5G data center management at Nokia.

Enelin Paas
Head of Partnerships

Helping to grow brand recognition, PR & sales. Enelin has worked for companies in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Sydney, Latin America and Europe.

Paul Doucette
Insurance Legal

A tax and benefits attorney who has provided high net worth individuals and business owners with counsel.

Brian Hardin
Insurance Partnerships

A respected life and health insurance executive. Brian was co-founder of one of the country´s largest IMOs. Brian is also an ordained minister.